New Team Pages!

Find the Fantasy information you want to know... FAST!

AWL & NWL pages have been refreshed!

Here are some tips on how to best navigate them:

  • Arrows ( < & > ) on the left and right of each page makes navigating team pages seamless.

  • Click the Team Owner face at the bottom of each page to go to that Owner's other team.

  • All winning records are noted Green. This makes it easy to track a franchise's winning seasons.

  • All losing records or playoff misses are noted in Blue. This makes it easy to track a franchise's losing seasons.

  • .500 records or World Series appearances that didn't result in a win, events that are neither bad nor good, are noted in Yellow.

  • Pennant(Division) and World Series Wins are noted in Gold. This is the ultimate sign of Franchise success.

  • Each keeper now has a numbered denoted next to their name. This number tracks how often that player has been kept. Additionally, your Franchise's longest kept player (Keeper) also is noted in Gold, as they are the face(s) of your franchise.

As always, Team pages are a work in progress, and if you notice any incorrect information it's Dan's fault.

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