2019 Wombat Awards

All awards have been determined by myself, and myself only. If you don't like it, you can make a case and I'll consider changing. Maybe. Award history can be found here.

Onto the ceremony...

AWL MVP - Nominees:

Mike Trout - OF - Kingslayers

Rafael Devers - 3B - Pez Sox

Alex Bregman - SS/3B - Moonschatz

Mookie Betts - OF - Kingslayers

Xander Bogaerts - SS - Kev Bombs

AWL MVP - Winner:

Mike Trout - OF - Kingslayers

Amazingly, this is only Trout's 2nd Wombat MVP. For years, there has been 1 other player who put up enough stats to JUST beat out Trout, or the Kingslayers just had a down year. In 2019 though, no one really comes all that close. Trout is the clear winner here, showing he's a 5 category monster, per usual. Even with less at bats than the competition, he's just better than all.

AWL Boof Bonser - Nominees:

Justin Verlander - SP - Sittin' Ducks

Gerrit Cole - SP - Moonschatz

Shane Bieber - SP - Kingslayers

Lucas Giolito - SP - Moonschatz

Aroldis Chapman - RP - Moonschatz

AWL Boof Bonser -- Winner:

Justin Verlander - SP - Sittin' Ducks

This was ridiculously close between Verlander and Cole. Verlander has slightly better starts, especially if you "take away" last week's playoff performance from Cole, and only look at regular season stats. In the end though, Verlander is just same old dominant Verlander. A record 4 draft picks for him pre-draft turned out to be a bargain. What a balls on the table move from Zach, that actually worked.

NWL MVP - Nominees:

Christian Yelich - OF - Killer Pandas

Ronald Acuña - OF - Fuzzy Kiwis

Cody Bellinger - 1B/OF - Time Consumers

Ketel Marte - 2B/SS/OF - Two Starts

Nolan Arenado - 3B - Killer Pandas

NWL MVP - Winner:

Christian Yelich - OF - Killer Pandas

Acuña and Bellinger got things close at times, but in the end no one can compete with Yelich's power/speed combo in fantasy right now. That's back to back Wombat MVP's for Yelich, who not that long ago was traded for Robbie fucking Ray.

NWL Boof Bonser - Nominees:

Stephen Strasburg - SP - Killer Pandas

Max Scherzer - SP - Two Starts

Luis Castillo - SP - Killer Pandas

Jacob deGrom - SP - Two Starts

Jack Flaherty - SP - Fuzzy Kiwis

NWL Boof Bonser - Winner:

Stephen Strasburg - SP - Killer Pandas

A weird year in NWL pitching, without a truly dominant force in starting pitching. Strasburg has been the most consistently good, which is funny given his Trashburg monkier. Scherzer would probably be the clear winner here, but missed time and has a low amount of wins, which actually do matter in fantasy. Flaherty was awful in the first half, but his second half deserves a nod at least. In the end it came down to the first two, and I'm going to give it to Strasburg. He's got a higher ERA than Scherzer, but those W's matter, and he helped propel the Pandas to an impressive 19 wins.

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